School Assemblies Should Not Be Mandatory

School assemblies are draining, ineffective, and a waste of valuable time that could be used to educate students.

Assemblies are supposed to spread news to students, but often times students do not pay attention or just don’t care about the information being shared. Students use assemblies as a way out of class to spend time with peers. Because of this, assemblies are a joke.

Instead of school assemblies being mandatory, Howell should make assemblies optional.

Some students enjoy pep assemblies, and the festivities that occur during them. Others view assemblies as unproductive and boring.

Students should sign up to attend the assemblies prior to the day they will occur.

Those who don’t attend the assembly would instead go in classrooms, or into the small gym, as this space will not be used during the time of the assembly. Staff members not attending would watch over the students.

Those who don’t go to the assembly would use the time as a study hall or for other educational purposes. Students could also spend the assembly time in the small gym by participating in games or activities arranged by teachers.

Eliminating forced attendance to assemblies would be a positive, and would encourage more participation and school spirit.

Students who choose to attend assemblies would get a better opportunity to absorb the information being shared. The gym would also be a lot less crowded if people were given the choice to attend assemblies. Those who enjoy attending the assemblies would have a better opportunity to enjoy the experience, as it will not be as jampacked.

Students who view assemblies as a free time with their peers also will not disrupt those paying attention when information is being given. Not forcing assemblies on students would enable everyone to use their time in a more positive and productive way.

School assemblies should not be mandatory. Demanding that all students come to assemblies causes more chaos, and makes the assemblies less enjoyable because they are forced. Giving students the freedom to choose would make assemblies much more enjoyable for everyone, and would help encourage school spirit.