Daylan Dalton


Senior Daylan Dalton is one of our varsity basketball players. Being one of the most successful teams so far, we have Dalton to thank for this. This year Dalton has been really focused on reaching his goal. It is his last year on the team, and he is pushing not only himself but his team to greatness.

Our senior boys this year are really leading our team to success. Heading into the last portion of his season Dalton has made many accomplishments. Starting with scoring 1000 points throughout his past games. The Varsity boys have won their conference, won districts, and are currently headed to the Final Four.

“I am so excited that we have had such a successful season,” Dalton said. Dalton really is leaving his mark on this team. Thanks to the seniors this team has accomplished so many goals that the have not in the past.“This team is really special,” Dalton explained.

Next year’s team will really have to live up to the expectations that we as a school have all set for them.