GGs & Co. Go to Nationals


Golden Girls & Company grabbed a W at the UDA Nationals in Florida, Feb. 3. United, they took home medals in three different categories: Gameday, Hip Hop, and Jazz.

Gameday is the category where each team is scored on their overall performance. Out of the hundreds of teams that danced at Nationals, the GGs & Co. placed 15th.

“Gameday is a four minute performance where each team performs their school fight song and a sideline routine,” senior Maddlyn Taylor said.

The team, known for its hip hop routines, continued to win awards in this area. The GGs & Co. set a goal for third, but fell short one spot, bringing home a medal for fourth.

“After we hear our results I’m usually pretty excited because we work really hard,” senior Courtnee Rowell said. “No matter the placement, we are always super proud of ourselves.”

In the jazz category, the team placed sixth, the highest for a Howell squad.

“Our jazz routine is the best jazz dance I’ve ever seen come through Howell,” junior Sydney Koehler said.

“We blew it out of the water with jazz,” junior Nicole Oppermann said. “In my first year, I was pleased to have made it all the way to nationals and done so well.”

Competing in these competitions takes teamwork.

“Teamwork is a huge part of our team and if we don’t believe in each other we won’t succeed,” Rowell said.