Drinking At School Functions

According to the school code of conduct, “the use, sale, transfer, possession or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited on school property, at school sponsored activities or events, on field trips, or in any vehicle while being used to transport students for the school district.”

When students disobey this rule, it does not only affect them, but others as well. When a student is caught with alcohol at a school function, they may face up to 180 days of suspension or even expulsion. When these students are expelled, it not only means consequences for them, but for many other students as well.

Say the student is the star athlete, club president, or even a person in your class. These students are essential for their team or group’s success, yet they choose to let their teammates down for one irresponsible decision. Every teammate, every supporter, and every coach and teacher of theirs is paying for the actions of someone else.

As for activities, according to the Missouri State High School Activities Association, even if the student returns to school, they will still not be able to compete with their team until they have completed all other “general conditions” specified when initially punished.

Also, what if this student isn’t caught and decides to drive themselves home after the event? They are not only putting themselves in danger, but every other classmate and civilian on the road. The traffic leaving school functions is hard enough to maneuver when sober. Adding alcohol or drugs to the equation is just asking for trouble not only for them, but also for the classmates their hazardous driving endangers.

Every action one takes has a set of consequences that follows. Consequences that accompany using alcohol or drugs at a school events are far more negative than positive. All for what? To look cool? If the function was that unbearable, that it was impossible to make it all the way through without the “buzz,” then simply don’t go. Don’t push the consequences onto others, because it doesn’t make anyone look cool in the eyes of those affected.