“Baby It’s Cold Outside” Controversy


The classic Christmas song Baby It’s Cold Outside by Frank Loesser was released in 1953. However, it has become a hot topic within the past two years. People have been debating on whether the song portrays a romantic night or if it portrays some questionable actions from the male.

Repeatedly throughout the song the girl says that she has to go, but the male finds reasons for her to stay. For example, one line in the song she says “I simply must go” and he responds with “But baby its cold outside”. She then says “the answer is no” and he again responds with the fact that it cold outside.

Many listeners interpret this as a male pressuring a woman to stay, while many others find it romantic and harmless. This debate first made its debut over Facebook and Twitter. Many people made polls to see how others were reacting. As of now the debate has made its way to radio stations. WDOK Christmas 102.1 stopped playing the song on the radio. They said that the song was catchy but they did not want to promote such an idea. KOSI 101 decided to ditch the song as well. However, their actions came with feedback. 95% of their listeners said that they were in favor of listening the classic song.

Those in favor of the song being played interpret the song as the girl wanting to stay but feeling pressured by society to leave. Those not in favor interpret that she is being pressured by the male.