Student Trends Affect Change

The students at Howell think they have no control in the school, but they do when they make a trend or style popular. The times are changing, the proof is that the fellow students at Howell have created change in everyday activities through their behaviors, trends, and clubs such as the variety of student-created clubs. Things have changed from the past because of the actions of the students like starting up various clubs. Not just clubs but the dress code has changed due to the current changes in fashion trends such as sagging pants, inappropriate clothes or symbols, short shorts, leggings, and tank tops. The times changing has made more school rules like a dress code to enforce that students come to school dressed appropriately, because they proved not to be able to be trusted by having complete control, the school had to create the dress code, so they cannot expose body parts like breasts, buttocks or any other sexual parts of the body.

Ever since the beginning of the school year in 2018 the trend on Juuling started and students started to do it in school, Juuling and vaping which are drugs are against school policy, so students will get in trouble for doing it. It may seem like it’s not harmful, but just wait for it’ll only get worse the more you do it. Students still somehow sneak juuling into the school like doing it in the bathrooms or on the bus. The actions of the students affect the rules.

Bullying is an over talked about topic that actually does occur at Howell, yes there are fights every once a while those don’t affect everyone though and hazing. There are rumors here and there, but not everyone gets affected directly. The fights are abruptly broken up by security and other nearby staff and the fighters get disciplined for their reckless actions. These happen over petty differences, those differences like intelligence and experience should make us stronger not tear this community apart. Great minds think alike, great teams work together. Just because someone is different doesn’t mean he or she is lesser of a person, we all weren’t raised the same, people have different morals and opinions.

Electronic device use is also common among students in this time period when technology is becoming more popular and used in everyday school use such as Chromebooks, computer monitors, and tablets. Using them to do inappropriate things, This includes the inappropriate, unauthorized use, capturing, transmitting or duplicating an unauthorized picture of school staff, students, school documents, or sexting and possessing pornographic material. The laziness of students rise because technology allows printing plagiarism of others work. Cheating has increased due to students contacting each other for answers on homework. It should be noted that taking pictures in the restrooms or locker room is not permitted and will be considered a Level 2 or 3 offense. The times may be changing and the rules to follow, but they still need to be followed by everyone. Most students have phones and the rise of technology the school board has changed the code of conduct to make rules about cell phone use. Since some students can’t hold the responsibility to stay off their phones, the school board had to make these changes.

Students do have control over the rules at school they usually just aren’t aware of it. Think about your actions because they might just be held against you or others.