Girls Wrestling

In its inaugural season, girls wrestling hit the mat for their first match Nov. 20.

“We get our own uniforms, but they haven’t come in so right now we are using the guys uniform,” junior Sydney McGhee said.

The team has 18 girls.

“Not everyone has as many girls as we do. Most schools have three to four,” said Lindsey.  

Juniors Alyssa Miller, McGhee, Dani Lindsey were the three girls that wrestled in the meet Nov. 20 against Ft. Zumwalt South. They all won.

“We have the same warm ups as the guys. We drill and condition like them they just go longer than us,” Lindsey said.

Girls practice with other girls.

“Everyone has someone that is relatively close to them in weight to practice with” Sierra Hayes said.

Girls wrestling last tournament is Dec. 18.