Does Howell Still Need a Dress Code?

According to USA Today, between 47-57 percent  of United States public schools have dress codes. Dress codes are put into place to teach students how to dress later in life, like for job interviews. But Howell’s dress code is unclear and unnecessary.

The main concerns of female students is how unclear the dress code truly is. For example, for short and skirt length, the rule is described as nothing “excessively” short. What does that mean? It could mean different things for different people depending on their height and weight. The definition of “excessively” is defined by any teacher or administrator who decides students shorts are too short. If this rule remains a part of the dress code, it should be defined clearly.

The school follows the rule of the Seven B’s, which are no bra (or bra straps), breasts, belly (or midriff), bottoms (or buttocks), backs, boxers, or bedroom wear. These are basic rules for the male students, but for female students this can be a lot to take in. However you still occasionally see students wearing item like this, and is it really distracting? The school as a whole needs to take into account what the rules are proving because these Seven B’S are also not as defined as they could be. For example, a specific length the school expects for shorts rather than using the word “excessively”

The school should put into place a new dress code that has definitions for the length that is expected across the board and only keep rules that are truly needed for Howell as a school, not Francis Howell as a school district. The new dress code should take into account the entire student body’s bodies and what actually is distracting for the average high school students.