Senior Sports Recap

It all came down to the last minute of their last high school game ever.

“I’ve always been a goalie, center back, and wind back, which are all defensive positions,” senior Ryan Olwig said.

Olwig’s played soccer for Howell all four years. He started on the C team, freshman year, and was pulled up to varsity his sophomore year.

“We played 24 games this season and our ending record was 24-3-1,” Olwig said.

Boys varsity soccer ended their year in the playoffs during a postseason loss to Ft. Zumwalt West, but before the season ended, the seniors had time to celebrate their soccer careers.

“Senior night was the best part of the season. It was really special and after our game we had a banquet with friends and family up in the Senior Square,” Olwig said.

Using the same field space, but a different ball, the season for football senior Matthew Simmons wasn’t such a success.

“My season didn’t go too well, I didn’t play much of it,” Simmons said.

Simmons was in the middle of his fourth football game of the season when he suffered an injury to his MCL.

“When I got hurt, I was running and I heard a rip, and I was like… dang,” he said.

Missing the rest of his football season, Simmons was still at every game and practice.

“I enjoyed the environment at all of the games when I sat and cheered my teammates on. The student section was cool, it was nice seeing all the support for our program,” Simmons said.

Both Olwig and Simmons are now on Howell’s varsity basketball team working with their teammates to hopefully gain a chance at a state title.