Boys Golf Season Preview

Boys golf is still looking for improvement after a good season last year, when players made it to state and the team only lost two matches.

“We’re mostly seniors but we’ve also got some good incoming freshman. I think we should be better than last year,” senior Elliott Graham said.

“We’re the toughest team to play. Playing my teammates is more challenging than any other team in the state,” senior Chase Campbell said.

With expectations high, the team is still focusing on  improvement.

“What I would improve is making it farther into the playoffs. Last year I missed sectionals by a couple of strokes,” Graham said.

Weather is a huge factor in the sport. March could be anything from snow, rain, or sunshine. When it rains, the players and all of their equipment get wet, which affects play. When it is cold in the beginning of March, the ball doesn’t roll as far as it does in the warmer months.

“It’s my senior year and I want to go out with a ring; I think we have what it takes,” Campbell said.