“Love, Me” Album Review


Lennon Stella is a new pop artist. She recently just released her first album called Love, Me. Stella is a 19-year-old popular Canadian actress and singer. Most known for her role in ABC musical drama series named Nashville as Maddie Conrad. Before you get excited to hear her first album, if you don’t like wishy washy break up songs, you won’t like this album.

The album has a only five songs on it “Bad,” ”Breakaway,” ”Feelings,” ”La Di Da,” and “Fortress.” The album costs $4.99 on iTunes, which means $1 per song. Each song is about a break up she went through. This album sounds a lot like Ariana Grande’s style of music, which isn’t a bad thing if you like Grande’s vocals. When I first saw Stella’s album cover, I thought it was Grande.

When listening to these songs, they all start to sound the same. I wish that she would switch it up. It gets boring, for the beats in all songs sound pretty similar, and all the songs are sad, depressing breakup songs that are nothing fun or upbeat. I feel bad for Stella because the lyrics in the songs have a lot of feelings involved and sound really heart felt, but they just don’t make me care or relate.

Overall, I don’t like the repetitiveness of Stella’s album. It sounds like one big, long song about a breakup. Just like every other break up song ever made.