“Sunset Season” EP Review


Nov. 16, up and coming artist Conan Gray released an EP titled Sunset City. The EP features five songs that each show Gray’s soft pop voice and soothing melodies. The EP would be ideal for teens because it features topics that they could relate to. The songs tend to blend together the first couple times you listen, but once you give Sunset Season a chance, you tend to notice the distinct tones of each song.

The song “Crush Culture” is catchy and upbeat but blends with every other soft pop song there is. If you are a fan of soft pop music then you really would enjoy this song along. However, you might think it’s repetitive with the soft backgrounds and accelerating beat as others like it.

The song “Greek God” is the overall hype song of the album with lyrics like “oh, I don’t really care if you like me or not” and “I know what you want, a little more confidence.” I personally really like the lyrics of this song and how they relate to confidence and not letting others tear you down.

The song “Generation Why” is a really hard hitting song talking about the cons of our generation and what our generation is going to be remembered as. As negative as that sounds, it’s really is the golden song of the EP featuring unique, and catchy lyrics. This song achieves this by not having the same beat and similar lyrics as most of the other songs on Sunset Season.

The final songs “Idle Town” and “Look Alike” are the sadder slower songs of the EP, they are beautiful songs that show off Gray’s voice but they sound repetitive. However, the lyrics in boths songs are really well thought out but I feel like if the instrumental part was different the song would stand out more.

Overall I would say the EP is very good, you just have to give it a few listens so it stands out.