Changes Coming To Spirit Week

STUCO president Sarah Wilson is considering letting students come up with new creative themes for upcoming Spirit weeks.

““It would be cool to have a voting system or dropbox for students to suggest different ideas,” Wilson said. “Then have an online vote, so we know what themes that everyone is most interested in.”

Homecoming themes this year for spirit week were meme day, tacky tourist day, jersey day, pajama day, and blue and gold Friday.

“There are some people that didn’t like the theme. Even if the themes would have been different, there still would be a lot of people that would not participate,” Wilson said. “However, there is always a group that goes all out. I understand that not everyone wants to participate in spirit week, but it’s just a fun thing to do because you don’t normally dress up in a silly or fun way.”

A process exists for choosing themes.

“STUCO officers meet to discuss the themes and tries to keep a few of the same ones each year because it seems like a lot of people really like pajama day and blue and gold. If there is a really liked theme one year, we try to do that theme again,” Wilson said. “We are up to new ideas as long as they do not deliberately break the dress code. Hats are okay to wear just nothing like face masks.”