Hit and Run

Sept. 18, within two minutes from Holt High school on Pitman Avenue and Luetkenhaus Blvd, varsity soccer players Brady Glon and Devin Griffith witnessed an accident

“I had just gotten done with my soccer game against Holt, so I was on my way home, and I got stuck at a red light at the intersection,” Glon said.

Glon was first in line at the stoplight when he suddenly heard a loud crashing noise from the two cars hitting each other.

“I was in complete shock,” Glon said. “I wasn’t expecting to see a car accident happen right in front of me.”

Out of natural instinct, Glon got out of his car to go check out the scene to help the people involved in the accident.

“In one of the cars, there was a Hispanic family with a dad, mom, and daughter,” Glon said. “The father was limping pretty bad, and the daughter was crying hysterically.”

In the second car was an African American man.

“The African American guy seemed to be okay,” Glon said. “He just got out of his car quickly and started taking pictures of his car.”

Glon called the police, and the police arrived in five minutes after being called.  Even though the family spoke little English, Glon was able to tell the family he called 911 and reassure them that things were going to be okay.

“It was nerve-racking talking to the police because I was expected to remember every detail perfectly,” Glon said. “The police made me give the description of the car and the other man involved.”

It was while Glon was talking to the police when people at the scene noticed that the other man had somehow driven away. No one saw the man actually take off.

The scene cleared out after about 35 minutes when everyone was able to go home. When Griffith (the other eye witness) got home, he told his mom about his night he just had.

“After I told my mom what happened, she emailed Sean Erwin, the athletic director,” Griffith said. “She explained to Erwin that me and Glon deserve the R.I.S.E award for helping out.”

Erwin agreed that they should receive this award, so he gave them a R.I.S.E t-shirt, and recognized the boys on Twitter for their actions.

“I did something notably good for someone else. I didn’t expect to get an award for it,” Glon said. “I feel like anyone would’ve done the same thing if they were in my place.”

Griffith agreed that he felt he didn’t need an award for what he did.

“It was a gut feeling to get out and help,” Griffith said. “That’s a situation that you can’t just ignore.”

The other man that drove off still hasn’t been found, and there’s no other information that has been given for an update on the family.

“I’m honored to receive the award,” Glon said. “I just hope they finally catch the man, so the family can get the justice they deserve.”