Ben Hahs


Senior Benjamin Hahs plans to run for president in the future. He wants to work on the country’s economic status, and he believes that he has the required patience, determination, strength, and strong ethic to do the job.

“I want to provide jobs for the people who don’t have them,” Hahs said. “Everyone needs a job, everyone needs an education.”

The question of who gets the job, U.S. citizens or immigrants, has been a major debate topic in recent years.

“I want to provide jobs for both people,” Hahs said. “My grandfather is, actually, an immigrant from Italy. We should treat everyone equal.”

With wanting both immigrants and natural-born citizens to get jobs, trouble is bound to rise.

“All the people who don’t agree, I want to hear from them,” Hahs said. “Don’t just blindly follow me. I want to hear the why.”

Hahs wants to implement morals and listen to his community. Hahs also wants to host town hall meetings in states and listen to the people, discuss solutions to issues, and see points of view he doesn’t.

“I love the basis of democracy and hate how things are right now. As Americans, we should be united,” Hahs said. “Why can’t we put others first and be humane when we disagree with others?”