Howell Students Attend G-Eazy Concert


It wasn’t “G-Eazy” waking up for school the morning after the Endless Summer Tour at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, Aug. 12. Howell students attended the concert to see artists Lil Uzi Vert, Ty Dolla $ign, and G-Eazy perform.

“It hurt to keep my eyes open in first hour the day after the concert,” senior Harshavardhan Bollepalli said. “I was so hyped about the concert that it was hard to fall asleep the night before school.”

Not all of the parents allowed their students to go to the concert, since it was on a school night.

“I really wanted to go, but my parents didn’t want me to,” freshman Ashley Wallner said. “Especially because it was my first couple days of high school. I kind of understood because I had volleyball the next day and didn’t want to be exhausted, but it sucked because my sister was just about to leave for college and a lot of her friends who I love were going.”

Senior parents, on the other hand, felt differently about the late night.

“My parents were okay with me going,” senior Kennadyn Momeno said. “Mostly because they know I stay up late on school nights anyways.”

The tour began in Seattle, July 20, and will end in Miami, Sept. 8.

“Knowing I had school the next day didn’t make the concert any less fun,” Momeno said. “It was only the third day of school, so it still pretty much felt like summer. It just made me need a nap after school the next day.”

The concert started at 6:30 p.m. and was finished before 11 p.m.

“I was tired the next day, but besides that it was just like any other day,” senior Sami Delong said. “School is tiring whether you went to a concert or not.”

Howell was one of the only schools to already be in session the weekend of the concert. The Ft. Zumwalt and Wentzville school districts started the following week.

“I only went to the concert for Lil Uzi Vert, so I left by around 10 p.m. to beat the parking lot traffic, and I was still so tired the next day,” Bollepalli said. “It took me forever to wind down because I was still too excited about the concert. Uzi was absolutely amazing. No regrets.”