‘Drink Bleach’ Review

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Matthew Musto is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Musto started his solo music making career after leaving his band Polaroid and undertook the nickname blackbear. Blackbear currently has three studio albums out as well as many EPs, one of which is Drink Bleach that was released in 2016.

The Drink Bleach EP includes 5 songs coming in at 16 minutes total.“Something Real” is a melodious song with a tuneful yet relatable message of being too young to feel something real in a relationship. “Suckerz” is a very rhythmic and catchy song while “Girls Like U” is exhilarating and playful.  His two other songs such as “Obvious” ft. Mike Posner are creative and well produced as well. Throughout this EP, he accurately displays his eclectic and unmatchable music style.

The EP is short but is certainly not a waste of time. It’s a cute mini album with intoxicating vocals that are 100% worth checking out.