Echosmith begins North American Tour

Pop band Echosmith is beginning their North American Headline tour April 4. After their triumphant return with the release of the Inside A Dream EP, fans have been eagerly waiting to see what they were going to do next. Anticipations are being satisfied with the band’s newest release, “Over My Head”. The maturation of their sound is displayed in this new single. The chorus showcases a heavy use of synth that can only be described as inescapable and the bold beats of the drum will leave you booming. This single is just a taste of their next album being released in summer. A latte art inspired lyric video was released featuring latte artist Melannie Aquino and Lavazza. The tour is starting ins San Francisco and April 15 they are making their way down to St. Louis. Make sure you’re one of the “Cool Kids”, and go check them out.  You can listen to their new single at, you can check out the official lyric video at, or you can hear them for yourself in concert.