March 27 girls varsity soccer to face Troy

After girls varsity soccer won its first game 1-0 against Lindbergh, the girls are having a great start.

“I would say that our goal would be to win districts,” center forward Lillie Fields said.

Winning districts is the first big goal for the girls varsity soccer team, but to meet this goal they have to put in a lot of hard work.

“We get warmed up before doing possession and shooting drills. Then we usually end up doing some conditioning,” forward wing Claire Samuels said.

They do drills and conditioning everyday after school for two hours, but all the hard work pays off when they win the games. In the locker room, before the games, the girls give pep talks to get everyone ready for the game.

“We talked about how to make a good season start on a good note, and we talked about playing as a team and working together to get the win,” Fields said.

Along talking about some strategies before the game, they also communicate with each other on the field.

“We come together as a team and talk about what we need to do to score and defend, and we talk to each other on the field,” center back Morgan Ebert said.

Come see all the hard work the girls varsity soccer team has put in as they play against Troy, Tuesday at 6 p.m. here at Howell.