Changes and Sad! Singles Review

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XXXTentacion is a rapper, singer, and songwriter who started his career on Soundcloud in 2014. He began with a very different style then what he records now.

In 2017, he came out with hits such as “Look At Me!” which have a more aggressive tune, but changed up to a different vibe in his music once he released his first studio album 17. Since then, his sound became something different.

17 is an album where he revealed more emotional feelings that are associated with anxiety and depression which had heavy influence on the lyrics and sound of the music. Songs on the album like “Jocelyn Flores” and “Depression & Obsession” display a deep pain while at the same time showing how versatile his music style is.

His music is swayed by a diverse range of genres. Lately it has been slow and heartbreaking such as his new single “Changes”. The song is flooded with the melody of a piano and tragic lyrics that show an extensive trauma.

“Sad!” is different compared to “Changes”. It is more upbeat and has unique background music that can’t be found with other artists besides X. Even though the tempo is different, the song still carries on the depressing atmosphere in the same way “Changes” does.

Overall, both songs advertise a distressing and dismal energy. It definitely makes good music for rainy days.