Picasso’s Review

The smell of coffee. The sound of quiet jazz playing in the background. Combined with the noise of the coffee beans being grinded into a thin dust, this is everything you’ll experience at the local coffee shop, Picasso’s. Picasso’s delivers something for everyone: coffee lovers, coffee haters, even kids. From blonde roast coffee to real fruit smoothies, Picasso’s offers it.

On Thursday nights, they also offer an open mic night for beginning poets, comedians and musicians. Also, their walls are lined with kids artwork from around the surrounding counties.

Besides the atmosphere of Picasso’s, the coffee itself is what they are really known for. Their iced vanilla latte is a smooth, easy to drink coffee. It’s not too sweet or too milky, as the coffee is the main focus in the drink. But if you like coffee but not a strong coffee, go for the Milky Way, which is a chocolate, caramel, milky, sweet drink with a hint of coffee. Picasso’s offers a full breakfast which includes omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and egg souffles. Lunch and dinner includes grilled paninis, a variety of sandwiches, salads, and soups.

As far as prices go, Picasso’s coffee could be considered a little pricey, but ultimately it’s worth it. A medium iced vanilla latte is $3.75, but if you go to Starbucks, you pay about $4 for a medium iced latte. Picasso’s vibe and coffee beans beat Starbucks big time.

Also, Picasso’s is a lot more personal with the community and supportive. They have community papers on their walls and counters advertising local events. Starbucks doesn’t partake in local businesses and events because they are a nation-wide corporation, unlike the locally-owned Picasso’s.

The coffee is an important aspect of a coffee shop, but the atmosphere of a shop is what really makes an impression on customers. Picasso’s tables and floors are clean and well put together. The employees are welcoming and nice to the customers, which really makes a good impression on first time guests. Overall, the coffee shop is a great, quick place to grab coffee and relax.

There are two locations: Main Street in St Charles, and the other, located on the Streets of St Charles. The Main Street location is always pretty busy, so if you have a big party, the Streets of St Charles location is a better choice. However, both stores are accommodating to big parties. If you need a quiet place to do homework or have an important meeting, either location is good.

Picasso’s Coffee beats its competitors, along with their customer service and clean venue. Overall, Picasso’s is a great place to eat, drink some coffee, get some work done, or just relax in the peaceful environment.