Kailey Urnikis


As a high schooler, trying to balance family, friends, and homework is one of the common struggles, but for junior Kailey Urnikis, she has one more thing to balance: herself. Urnikis, a level nine gymnast, spends her nights in the gym working to perfect her skills on the floor, beam, vault, and bars before spending the remainder of her night completing homework, along with other daily tasks.

While gymnastics may come across as a distraction from more important aspects of life, such as completing school work or spending time with family, Urnikis begs to differ.

“Gymnastics has greatly improved all aspects of my life, teaching me how to overcome struggles and become more confident in myself overall,” Urnikis said.

This seven year commitment, while she joined simply because she found it enjoyable, has opened doors for Urnikis, potentially earning her a spot on a competitive, college gymnastics team.

“I’ve been competing since I was nine and started in a small tumbling class, later moving into a larger gym once I moved and gained new skills,” Urnikis said. “If I had the opportunity to continue in college, I definitely would, but if I don’t, I wouldn’t be heartbroken because I’ve already made so many great memories from competing in gymnastics.”

A natural on beams, vault, and floor, Urnikis continues to work towards bettering her gymnastics skills, and possibly securing herself a spot on a college gymnastics team.