Madisyn Johnson


Seeing the world through a lens, junior Madisyn Johnson specializes at taking snapshots of people’s lives. Whether it be pictures of friends, cityscapes, or clients, Johnson sees the world as unlimited opportunities for the perfect picture.

“Photography is something that I discovered that I was naturally good at,” Johnson said. “I haven’t felt that that I’ve naturally succeeded at something as much as I have with photography, so when I discovered it, I clung to that and decided to go even further into learning about photography.”

Beginning as an accident, Johnson discovered this talent unintentionally, but quickly understood her love and appreciation for the art.

“I began photography when I was in eighth grade and took a trip to Chicago. I had been taking a bunch of pictures and I realized ‘wow I really like this’ and haven’t stopped since,” Johnson said.

While she snaps whatever is present, Johnson specializes in portrait photography, feeling that it allows her for her to capture an intimate connection, rather than simply being pleasing to the eye.

“There’s something so beautiful about taking a picture of someone and capturing that moment,” Johnson said.