The Left Me Hangin’ Tour


Infamous star Jacob Sartorius held a concert in St. Louis at The Pageant theatre Feb, 10. The concert was a part of his nationwide tour called Left Me Hangin’ featuring other artists Zach Clayton, Hayden Summerall, and Luna Blaise.

Sartorius was accompanied by a band on stage. In some songs such as “Sweatshirt”, he played guitar as well as sang and danced throughout the concert. When he performed “Hit or Miss”, Sartorius mainly jumped around stage and waved his hands through the air while singing. His audience typically consisted of kids around his age or younger, many of them screaming girls nonetheless which makes sense because that’s his target audience.

Overall, the concert was an interesting experience. He does have talent, contrary to popular belief. It could be heard that he obviously wasn’t lip syncing and he has more than decent guitar skills. It for sure was something for younger kids to enjoy, but it was still a passably fun concert .