Alex Wall

Junior Alex Wall has owned five Ford Mustangs, all different models since he turned sixteen.

“I use it as an investment, I bought my first one for $1,000, and I just bought my fifth for $17,000,” Wall said.

Wall drives all of his cars, although, he doesn’t keep them for long. To add value to his cars, Wall will repair them shortly after buying them, and shortly before selling them he will do a few more repairs. “In my very first Mustang, I had to replace the engine, so that help add value” Wall said.

While Wall has owned many cars in the short period he has been driving, he has only ever owned Ford Mustangs. Wall buys and sells Mustangs, gradually buying newer models. Wall has owned a model ‘97, ‘98, ‘05, ‘06, and currently drives a ‘09.

“It’s a family thing, my grandfather owned a ‘65 when Ford first put them out.” Wall said.