Brooke Clemons

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What seems like a simple everyday task to some, is an everyday challenge for freshman Brooke Clemons. Her life has been majorly impacted by the spine splitting disease called Spina Bifida. Brooke has been battling Spina Bifida since she was one day old.

“Being in a wheelchair means tons of physical therapy. PT is sometimes hard for me because my therapist is trying to get me to walk as much as I can to get my legs as strong as they can be,” Clemons said.

Being limited on what she can and cannot do, Clemons’ still keeps a positive attitude and puts in her best effort towards all that she does.

“Cheer makes me happy and sad because I’m not like all of the other girls on the team and I realize that I can’t play sports like everyone else can,” Clemons said.

There is no current cure for Spina Bifida, but all four surgeries have improved Clemons’ future ability to walk.

“I never really get upset or mad because of my disability, I just get sad and worried about my future because I might not ever get to walk on my own and be like everyone else,” Clemons said.

“It has been hard transitioning into high school because I feel like I don’t belong and I feel like people won’t like me because of my disability and the fact that I’m different,” Clemons said.

Clemons’ still has high hopes for her future and plans to go to Lindenwood College, get a major in fashion, and open up her very own clothing store. Clemons’ plans to figure out a way to still pursue her dreams even though she is well aware of the different challenges that she will face along the way.    

“Even though I am different than everybody else,” she said. “That’s not going to stop me from living the life I want.”