Sara Qalbani

Instead of hustling to her first hour classroom every morning, junior Sara Qalbani sits in the library and logs onto her computer to take online Mandarin Chinese class.

Qalbani, along with a few other Mandarin Chinese students, had to take the course online if they wanted to continue learning the language. All Mandarin Chinese classes were cut this year.

“Online Chinese is definitely hard to adjust to, especially because I was so used to my teacher letting us learn the lesson through various games and activities,” Qalbani said.

One difference between taking the class at Howell and online is that there are no specific due dates for assignments.

“The hardest part about this class is making sure you don’t procrastinate, because then you will have too many assignments to do at the end of the semester,” Qalbani said.

Qalbani does not plan to take Mandarin Chinese II next year.

“I don’t think I will be continuing next year because I would prefer a teacher help further my Chinese education,” Qalbani said.