Last Man Standing Review

Three daughters are a challenge, but Mike Baxter’s (Tim Allen) daughters are even more challenging than others. In Last Man Standing, because he is the marketing director for the iconic hunting and camping store, “Outdoor Man,” Mike is often traveling all over the country and doesn’t get to see his daughters very much. But that’s about to change. When Mike’s wife, Vanessa (Nancy Travis) gets a new promotion at work and has to spend most of her time away from her family, Mike has to give up traveling to stay at home with his children. He soon comes to realize, that being a girl comes with a lot more drama than he thought, and handling three of them was even harder.  

Last Man Standing first aired Oct. 11, 2011 at ABC Studios, and viewers instantly fell in love with it by giving the show an overall 9.2/10 score on IMDB. With over 3.06 million viewers all over the world, Last Man Standing was on the air for six years for a total of 130 episodes. Due to Allen’s hilarious sense of humor, Travis’ witty sarcasm, and their daughter’s constant drama overload, Last Man Standing was nominated for two primetime Emmy awards in 2014 and 2015.

Season 1 and 2 got a total of 16 Rotten Tomatoes. Last Man Standing was cancelled March 31, 2017 due to the production of the sixth season. The show’s cast and staff were more than likely in line for a pay bump which would have made the show much more expensive to keep producing. Allen’s politically related jokes might have also been a factor of the show’s cancellation. Many viewers thought that the political jokes went too far and it became offensive to some viewers. My family and I loved the show and how the writers and cast made it so relatable to families all around the world.