Mariel Remley

At only three years old, junior Mariel Remley and her family left her birthplace- a city near Bueno Aires, Argentina- and moved to America.

Remley speaks fluent Spanish at home and any other time she is with her family. Communicating in both Spanish and English does not always come easy for Remley.

“The hardest part about speaking two languages is having to translate phrases that can’t be directly translated,” Remley said.

As a bilingual speaker, Remley translates for hospital patients.

“I only translate on some occasions, but if people I know can’t speak English and need help, so I go,” Remley said.

Being a minority, Remley tries to preserve her culture in America.

“I preserve it by spending time with family and friends that speak Spanish. We also have friends from Argentina that come to visit here in America,” Remley said.

Remley hopes that her special skill can help her get into college.

“I’m definitely going to college, but it’ll more likely be in this area near my family. I’m still contemplating going to college in Argentina, though. Colleges need a percentage of minorities, so being bilingual is useful,” Remley said.

As far as life after college, Remley hopes to use her skill to help others.

“I hope to use it in any way I can to help others,” Remley said. “There are very few people- let alone teenagers- that speak two languages”.