Levi Richerson

For 3 and an half years freshman, Levi Richerson has been cheering and tumbling for the competitive cheerleading team Cheer Legendz.

“I really love the rush I get on stage while performing and tumbling,” Richerson said.

However, Levi was not always so enthusiastic about cheerleading.

“At first, it was kind of a dare from my friend to join cheerleading because I’m really good at tumbling,” Richerson said.

With 97% of cheerleaders being female, Richerson receives a lot of comments, poking fun at his favorite pastime.

“I just ignore it when people make fun of me cheerleading and deal with it later,” Richerson said.

As a freshman, Levi has three years left before he has to make any big decisions about his future as a cheerleader. Despite this, Levi still has an idea of what he wants to do.

“I hope to be a cheerleader at Louisville,” Richerson said. “Eventually, I want to do it professionally If I can.”