Activities Face Cuts

After the failure of Prop. Y in 2016, rumors circulated about the impending budget cuts and what affect they would have on our school. Now, clubs and activities are feeling the impact of the new restricted budget.

One way the district is trying to ease the burden that activities place on the school budget is by implementing a $40 activity fee for anyone that participates in a club or sport that meets three or more times a week.

“Golf is an expensive sport to begin with and the 40 dollar fee from the district makes it harder on players and parents,” Golf coach Bob Storts said.

Somes sports have to make use out of old or worn-out equipment.

“We were up for new uniforms this year, but it has been pushed back due to budget cuts. Thankfully our uniforms are still pretty high quality,” Coach Michael Enright said.

Transportation for activities is also affected by the changes. Any games or competitions within St. Charles County doesn’t have a bus going back to school.

“It sucks, we have to find a ride home from games because busses are dropping off only most of the time now,” junior Kentrell Simmons said.   

In addition, transportation for the band program has been cut completely.

“After competitions, we have to find rides back to school.” senior Haley Cundiff said. “This really complicates loading and unloading equipment.”