Lauren Fennewald

In three art shows at only 16 years old, junior Lauren Fennewald was awarded her first ribbon Aug. 24 in the miscellaneous section of the contest. Her ribbon winning artwork consisted of a scratchboard of a jellyfish.

“I was looking for other pieces to enter and my grandpa, which is who I do art shows with, had said that this one would definitely win a ribbon, so he made me enter it,” Fennewald said.

Fennewald is enrolled in AP Art Studio this year and plans to go into the Art Institute to further her practice of art.

“When I got my first ribbon I was just speechless and it was so exciting,” Fennewald said, “It was very in the moment.”

Fennewald has a different art style than many of the people in her art guild, so her competition consisted of more realistic pieces such as flowers and still lifes.

“It depends on the judge for what style they like and are looking for,” Fennewald said.