Izzy Daab

Junior Izzy Daab has never had a season off of sports in all three years of high school.

“Sports are a stress relief for me because it’s a time away from any stress or negativity that happens throughout the school day,” Daab said, “I look forward to practices and games to enjoy myself for a little bit.”

On top of her classes, she’s also involved in track, cross country, and basketball over the course of high school.  

“My favorite high school sport that I have played is basketball, because I have been playing it for so long that it is a comfort place for me,” Daab said.

Daab wishes to further her basketball career in college.

“On a typical day, I go to school and then go to practice after school. When I get done I try to eat a quick dinner then do multiple hours of homework,” Daab said.

Daab is enrolled in seven honors courses: Pre-AP Spanish 3, AP Government, AP Language, AP Art History, Pre-AP Chemistry, Medical Interventions Honors, and Pre-AP Calculus.

“Being a student athlete is extremely overwhelming at some points because it’s super tough to balance school work and practice,” Daab said, “But, you learn to manage your time really well.”