Jenna Dwornick

Aspiring makeup artist, junior Jenna Dwornick expresses her love for the art of makeup.

“As I grew up I kind of grew into using makeup and becoming interested in it as more of an art than just something girls use,” Dwornick said.

Being her favorite hobby, Dwornick spends a lot of time practicing makeup.

“I usually practice makeup anytime I have an event I’m going to,” Dwornick said, “Sometimes I also do my makeup when I’m bored just because it’s fun to experiment and try new things.”

Depending on the complexity of the design, the amount of time it takes to do a full face can vary. “It usually takes me about an hour to do a full face,” Dwornick said.

With time, also comes money. The art of makeup design is an expensive hobby.

“I try to stick with using mostly drugstore makeup, because high end products can be expensive,” Dwornick said, “My favorite drugstore brand is NYC because their products are really geared towards people who are trying to create art with makeup.”