New Rock Climbing Club

Howell has recently introduced a new extracurricular club rock-climbing club. The club was founded and approved by STUCO on Aug. 24 and has since been searching for new members.

“Reach out to anyone in the club and we’d be excited to have you. It’s a really fun and relaxed environment,” senior Justin Sindecuse-Hayden said.

The first practice is currently scheduled for Oct. 2nd, and will then proceed to hold practices every Monday after school from 5-7.

If you can’t make that meeting, you can make it up another day in your free time,” senior Luke Lalumandier said.

“By joining the club, you get a full membership to Upper Limits, so if you have a day that works better for you, then you can always practice on those days,” Sindecuse-Hayden said.

Practices will be held at Upper Limits at the Chesterfield location. Six competitions will be held annually, but they are not required.

“You do have the option to be competitive, but it is not a necessity. We just want everyone to get exercise and have fun. We want to give people the opportunity to rock-climb since most people never have, and we hope that they enjoy it,” Sindecuse-Hayden said.