Megan Hoeferlin

Starting at the age of nine years old, senior Megan Hoeferlin, started the practice of Tae Kwon Do and has collected a total of 12 belts, while currently ranking as a second degree black belt.


In order to achieve this belt, Hoeferlin had to get evaluated and and tested in class by her Master.

“To get a black belt you have to do drills, forms from previous belts, self defense techniques and all other material you’ve learned.” Hoeferlin said.

She had to restart the process of earning a black belt because she transferred gyms.

“I had to start back over to the green belt before I could get my black belt,” Hoeferlin said. “It was hard at first because everything was different and I had to basically relearn all that I was taught.”


After training for the second degree belt at the new gym, Hoeferlin had to prepare for about two and a half years before getting the black belt. A series of drills and tests had to happen in order for her to move on to the black belt. Now that she has gained the black belt she is now planning on furthering her career in martial arts switching from defensive martial arts to offense.

“I want to continue a different form because I’ve been doing defensive arts for a very long time and now I’m interested into doing offensive martial arts,” Hoeferlin said. “Offensive martial arts is cool and different,”