Talking Out About the Lock Out

The administration staff announced Aug. 30 that all the extra doors in the building will be locked the entire day, leaving only the front main entrance by the attendance office and the back main entrance near the cafeteria open to enter school in the mornings. Previously, all doors were unlocked prior to school and were locked by custodians at the first hour bell.

This prevents students who park in the overflow parking lot from entering through the D hallway basement doors.

“I park in the overflow lot,” junior Emily Eberwine said, “It’s convenient because it’s right by the softball fields, so I don’t have to move my car to the fields in all the traffic after school.”

Besides athletes, other students park in the overflow because of it’s convenience relating to their classes.

“The overflow lot is right by my english class seventh hour, so I get out fast enough to beat the buses and get home pretty fast,” junior Dylan Krahl said.

The change in locking the doors will affect students differently when finding a spot in the morning.

“I’m still going to park there; if I don’t, I won’t always be so early to practice, and I don’t want to have to rush,” Eberwine said.

On the other hand, Krahl said, “No, I’m not going to park there anymore. There’s no way I’m going to walk all the way to the main entrance every morning.”