Future Cheerleaders Clinic

Aug. 26, the Francis Howell cheerleaders hosted a cheer clinic for future cheerleaders. “The clinic is for anybody looking to cheer,” sophomore Emma Johnson said.

The participants ranged from preschool to eighth grade.

“I worked with first graders. They were loud and liked to have fun, so we played a lot of games to keep their attention,” Johnson said.

“I worked with Pre-K; they were crazy but pretty easy to settle down. They always wanted you to hold them,” freshman Cheyenne Burt said.

At the clinic, participants learned cheers, chants, and dances.

“We taught the kids different cheers and dances that they can use in the future,” Burt said.

The participants were invited to cheer and perform at the halftime of the JV football game Aug. 28.

“It was really good, we did three cheers and a dance during halftime,” Burt said.