Importance of Tardies

Students have made acquisitions that teachers in our school have become more strict on tardies this year, but Assistant Principal Brian Thompson disagrees.

Students are still expected to arrive to class on time as they always have,” Assistant Principal Brian Thompson said.

While getting to class on time is the first step, success in the eyes of staff members doesn’t just stop when you step into the classroom before the bell rings.

“It’s important for student success to be in class on time and attentive to the instructional process,” Thompson said.

Thompson thinks tardies have become less of a priority in recent years than it should be for students.

But students have different opinions about the tardy policies at school.

“It’s not that important. Teachers make too big of a deal out of it. Most of my classes don’t even start for a couple minutes, so I don’t see the big deal of showing up a few minutes late,” senior Marissa Guenther said.

On the other hand, a student enrolled in AP classes thinks differently. “In AP classes, we work from bell to bell with no breaks, so missing the first couple minutes is an issue. Being an athlete especially, I need all the class time I can get to finish my homework at school,” junior Lexi Porchia said.