Down Syndrome Controversy

As technology becomes further advanced, more and more expectant mothers are encouraged to take prenatal screening tests. The results of these screenings and the decisions that have to be made are often viewed as controversial.

According to Relevant Magazine, in Iceland, “nearly 100% of the women who test positive for Down Syndrome have an abortion. By comparison, in the U.S., about 67% of women have an abortion if their unborn child tests positive for Down Syndrome”.

Iceland defended their actions by stating that they were simply eliminating Down Syndrome, rather than ‘murdering’ them, as so many enraged individuals had accused them of via social media.

This news became popular on the media. With one trending twitter topic and an ever-growing ‘abortion’ hashtag later, people were infuriated.

“I was disgusted; it’s just not right. You can’t take away someone’s life because of a feature about them. It’s not humane,” junior Harsha Bollepalli said.