Adora Performs at Firebird

Howell senior opened for a band at a St. Louis club.


Senior Adora Calvert sings before “First Jason’s” performance at Firebird Club, Aug. 25

Aug 25th, at the Firebird Club in St. Louis, Senior Adora Calvert, stage name, Adora Brenn, opened up for metal group, “First Jason”.

She took the stage with a pair of space buns as she performed a few covers and even an original song of her own. 

Backstage, Adora came across a realization, “I was backstage and every person who has performed there has signed the wall. The 1975 had played there back in 2013, and I teared up thinking about where they are now and that I could be there one day.”

Check out Adora’s other covers on her youtube channel: