Cell Phone Controversy

Cell phone use in school is still a large topic of debate. Legislators in Arkansas are currently considering completely banning phones in school overall.

The current cell phone policy at Howell is mostly left up to the teachers. Teachers are allowed to give detentions or take phones away according to their policy.

“I want kids to learn the proper time to use cell phones. As long as I’m not presenting, they are allowed to be on their phones for educational purposes: reading, research, studying, etc.,” English teacher Jennifer Beckmann said.

Some teachers let students have their cell phones out during class and encourage the use of technology. Others see it as a distraction, and prefer phones to be put away.

“In general, cell phones are more harmful than helpful. It’s my experience that most students use them in ways that interfere with the learning process rather than using them as a tool to enhance that process,” math teacher Keith Looten said.