Make-A-Wish raffle tickets go on sale

Make-A-Wish sells raffle tickets for Nathan

Make- A- Wish raffle tickets here!

To start a club is not easy and not a hop skip and a jump.

“Patients, leadership skills, and a good attitude. There was a lot of paperwork that had to be filled out it was really slow,” junior Katya Gehrin said.

The Make- A- Wish Club is important to Gehrin because the national organization granted her wish.

“They made my wish outstanding, they went above and beyond on what they do, they make you forget that you are different,” Gehrin said.

Gehrin started The Make- A -Wish Club because Gehrin  wanted to make a difference.

“I wanted to give back to the Make-A-Wish foundation so a kid can experience what I did,” Gehrin said.  

The Make-A-Wish Club  began in February and has already met its goal of $5,000. The club decided to get the school involved by selling raffle tickets. Someone would win the basket at the end of the week.

“Once we got the word out, and went around to the different tables at lunch, people were eager to help the outcome was good,” Gehrin said.  

The idea for the raffle basket came from softball.

“When I used to play softball, we did raffle baskets. They were fun to make, and made profit,” Gehrin said.

At the assembly on Thursday April 20, Nathan, the wish kid , received his check.

“Nathan will be going to Disney in June because of the money that we raised for his wish,” Gehrin said.