So Long, Farewell

Choir seniors prepare to say goodbye at upcoming concert

The choir’s spring concert, which takes place Thursday, April 27 at Zion Lutheran Church, will be, for many, their senior night.

“Honestly, I’m most looking forward to the senior walk. I’m not sure why, it’s kind of bittersweet. I’m sad to leave but I guess excited too,” senior Devon O’Hara said.

There are 29 students in the choir’s graduating class. After every choir sings, these 29 seniors will walk down the center aisle of the church one by one with their parents. Seniors had to submit a baby picture and a senior picture that will be shown on a projector, along with a senior bio that will be read aloud as the seniors walk to the front of the church.

“Not being in choir anymore will be so strange. One last time to sing with people that I’ve been singing with for four years will be really emotional, and I just keep thinking about how we’ve all been through so much and sang so many songs together, and I hope our last song honors all of that,” senior Rachel Anthonis said.

This night gives seniors chance to look back on the memories they’ve gained through the choir program.

“My favorite memory would have to be performing at Carnegie Hall in New York. The time we spent there bonding and making music together will hold a special place in my heart,”senior Gillian Steeno said.