Senior Advice

Four seniors talk give their best advice

High School is sometimes referred to as the best four years of your life. As they ready to graduate, seniors Austin Sprinkle, Halle Hunter, Luke Sturm and, Alyssa Kohrs gave some advice from their own experience.

“Focus on finishing the homework and getting the goods grades,” Sturm said.

When it comes to homework they all agreed, it’s more important than it seems.

“I wish I would have actually done my homework instead of slacking off. In the end it really helps out,” Sprinkle said.

Howell offers more than 45 clubs and 15 sports.

“Join clubs. Go to games. Watch the plays. It helps you meet more people and become more confident,” Kohrs said.

There isn’t much these seniors would change about high school, except for seeing and doing more.

“Have fun. Once you get to college a lot changes and you can’t go back. Enjoy this while it lasts,” Hunter said.

“Have fun but not too much fun. You know what’s right and wrong to do,” Kohrs said.

When given the chance to give the underclassman one piece of advice, the seniors had lots to say.

“Go to events you usually wouldn’t,” Hunter said.

“Be more involved in clubs,” Sturm said. “This school has a crazy amount of them.”

“Everything works out. Don’t stress the small things,” Kohrs said.