Varsity baseball competes in the Midwest Classic

Howell takes a tie to CBC, 7-7

March 28- April 1, the varsity baseball team competed in the Midwest Classic. To end the tournament, Howell played CBC.

CBC started the game ahead, but Howell eventually caught up. At the end of the fourth inning, Howell had a 7-3 lead. They couldn’t keep the lead, but held CBC to a 7-7 tie.

Junior Joe Faron was the starting pitcher and junior Evan Ostermeyer the starting catcher. Right off the bat, CBC got two runs. The top of the first ended 0-2, CBC.

“I didn’t play this game, but I watched from the dugout. I was nervous watching us fall behind so fast,” senior Blake Shaiper said.

In the bottom of the third inning, with CBC’s Mark Vierling pitching, Howell scored three. With bases loaded, junior Johnny Krone walked to first, meaning senior Kyle Grantham walked home. Bases still loaded, junior Michael Collins hit to right field, sending senior Charlie Kelting and senior Chase Goulet home.

CBC rallied, getting a run home in the top of the fourth, and tying the score 3-3.

For the fourth inning, CBC changed their pitcher to junior Shane Morrow. Howell got one out right away, but Grantham hit a double for second base. After, Goulet hit a triple, sending Grantham home. Senior Mcgwire Dean hit a single, and Goulet scored.

“I knew we had enough skill to beat them, it was just a matter of whether everyone wanted to try their hardest,” Shaiper said.

Dean then stole second and Kelting batted. With Dean on third, Kelting stole second. With a single by Krone, Dean raced home, followed by Kelting after Collins batted.

Howell led 7-3. CBC held them here and eventually caught up, making the score 7-7.

The seven inning game turned into nine, ending in a tie. Called in the bottom of ninth inning for lack of lights, the game will be made up until a winner is decided. The date has not yet been determined.