Anatomy students head to SLU

Anatomy students get the chance to explore a cadaver lab

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, anatomy students took a trip to Saint Louis University for the AIMS (Adventures in Medicine and Science) Cadaver Program. With a combination of presentations and hands-on opportunities, students received a better understanding of the human body by getting a closer look at the remains.

Students started off the trip with a mentor named Kim Dondanville. Beginning with a sports medicine talk, the students were able to reference parts of the human body that Dondanville had on hand. These body parts included an ankle, a foot, a knee, and an entire arm.

“She went through and talked about the common sports injuries and what surgeries were most likely to fix them,” sophomore Kennedy Morrissey said.

After lunch students went to the cadaver lab to examine five bodies on display.

“The instructor went through every part of the body and allowed us to touch anything we wanted to,” Morrissey said.

“Walking in it was overwhelming seeing dead body bags, but it was a real cool experience,” junior Abby Aherron said.

Students also were able to look at hearts with various conditions and surgeries including one of a smoker, one that had a coronary bypass, and a brain of a person who had a stroke.

“It was weird, but the bodies didn’t look real, so it wasn’t as creepy as I thought it would be,” junior Brandon Fitzgerald said.