Concern with Extracurricular Activities

CNN speaks about stress being a result from extracurricular activites

As the bell rings to finish seventh hour, students rush out to their cars and locker rooms to prepare for their next activities. People wait all day for class to end in order to do what is next. Students are mainly concerned with their extracurricular activities over their actual schoolwork.

Club members are excited to end the school day and participate in their clubs. With the extensive quantity of clubs sponsored by the school, any student has a place to belong. For this reason, it can consume time and energy that is taken from homework.

People who play sports for the school are also ready to end their studies and swap their desk for a field. With sports practices beginning immediately after class until four, five, and even six p.m., it can be easy to go home and relax instead of completing their paper for English or worksheet for math. In doing this, classrooms have noticed a decrease in grades of students.

While activities attach students to school, full daily schedules lead to stress. According to CNN, “it can cause people to lose sleep, eat poorly, become irritable, and fall behind at school or work.” Of 800 students surveyed, 41 percent of them told CNN that they were stressed most or all of the time due to extensive daily activities.

As learners, it is important to focus on completing education. Though playing sports brings money into the school with games and meets, the players miss school for their games and have little extra time. Since it increases morale and school pride, more and more people would rather be ditching textbooks for megaphones while watching the latest rivalry event.

It is important that participants refocus on school. After all, none of the groups and teams would exist without the school. If this can successfully be done, students could go from being obsessed with the field to obsessed with the classroom. They need to remember that they are students first.