Howell hosts the Thrasher wrestlings tournament

Howell falls to a loss by Whitfield

Jan.29 Howell hosted the Kyle Thrasher wrestling tournament. Over the course of two days, over 400 varsity wrestlers from 20 different schools competed as individuals within their weight-class to earn points for their school. Several varsity wrestlers placed in their weight-classes, and the team thought it won the tournament. However, when Coach Kevin Stroh reviewed the tournament score keeping, he realized that a mistake had been made. Howell lost to Whitfield by only a single point.

“In one match the opposing wrestler should have been awarded injury points, but instead he only received a bye,” Stroh said. “Nobody would have noticed if I hadn’t pointed out the mistake, but I didn’t want to win like that. There were lots of other places we could have picked up points, but what happens happens. That’s just the way it goes.”