Post Malone releases new album ‘Stoney’

‘Stoney’ features hit song ‘Congratulations’


Including the success of his hit “White Iverson”, Post Malone released an album labeled “Stoney”. The album included 18 songs and lasts an hour and eight minutes. Hits included “White Iverson”, “Congratulations” featuring Quavo, “Broken Whiskey Glass”, and “Too Young”. “Fall Apart” I currently get out of my head. The songs reflected a past relationship the rapper had and how it impacted him. Revealing that at times he “falls apart”, the song breaks gender barriers and stigma attached to men not showing emotion when all vulnerability is exposed in this three minute and 43 second hit. Compared to past albums, Stoney revealed an emotional side to him, as well as his acoustic ability. Overall Post Malone reflected the level of variation and flexibility in his music talent.